Kids Jokes - Kootie Bear Audio Music - CD

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Kids Jokes - Kootie Bear Audio Music - CD

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  1. Say 'Hello' To Lord Trumpington-Smythe!/ The Elves Song       
  2. Jokes Galore!/ The Birdie Song       
  3. Back To School Medley: Double Lead Through Double Lead Through/ Give Us Some Treacle And Bread       
  4. More Jokes! Medley: Drowsy Maggie/ Coolies Reel       
  5. Cats Medley: My Wife's A Winsome Wee Thing/ The Ferry/ The Mucking O' Geordie's Byre       
  6. Knock Knock/ Match Of The Day       
  7. Teddy Bear Bonanza/ Black And White Rag       
  8. Birds/ Twilight Zone       
  9. Another Load Of Jokes!/ The Entertainer       
  10. Ghosts And Ghouls       
  11. Snakes in the grass       
  12. Even More Jokes!       
  13. Elephants       
  14. Lions and tigers       
  15. Mice Are Nice       
  16. Yet More Jokes!       
  17. Football crazy       
  18. Knock Knock And More       
  19. Beyond A Joke       
  20. Lord Trumpington-Smythe Says 'Goodbye'       

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